Hi, my name is Celina.

Born in 1987 in the beautiful city of Amsterdam, the Netherlands, but changed into an island bum in 1995 when we moved to a small island in the Caribbean called Curaçao. In 2008 I decided to move back to the Netherlands and become an adult. It is only a few years after the move that I discovered "clean food" and vegan food. 
On a gloomy Sunday morning I then decided to post my morning pancakes up on my Instagram page; the rest was history.
Besides food, I always had a passion for fashion (cliche huh?), cosmetics & skincare.

By starting this website I hope to inspire you a bit with the healthy but still yummy food, clean and amazing skincare and unique makeup looks that have been created with makeup that hasn't been tested on any breathing being.

Please feel free to leave your comments anywhere, send me some e-mails or private messages! I'd love to hear from you.

Enjoy, xo.