Is Lush pregnancy-friendly?

Well you’ve read the title and you probably can already guess the answer - yes!
But this was a legit question of mine when I just found out that I was pregnant. Being such a Lushie and your skin (and area down there) being extra sensitive to fragrance during pregnancy, I was afraid that I needed to ban my collection for a full 9 months. And hydration! Where will I be able to score some good hydrating products for my stretched out belly and my (even worse than before) dry winter skin?
Thankfully I found some Lush products that really helped me through these past months - 100% stretch mark free (keep in mind that that’s also partly based on your genes) and no flaky, itchy or dry skin. And I’m typing this in December.. who would’ve known?


So let’s start with the essentials during pregnancy: Hydration.
It’s not only smart to almost double your water intake, but also really essential to pack on those hydrating products, especially on your boobs & belly; where most of the stretching will occur.
I’ve personally gone up 1 cup size, but some people even grow 2-3 cup sizes in as little as 4-5 months. Crazy right?
And don’t even get me started on the belly. I didn’t measure my waist, but I can tell you one thing: Not a single t-shirt fits anymore. I live in my boyfriend’s sweaters now. Yeah.
So I’m sure it comes as no surprise that you need to make sure to keep your skin hydrated in order to avoid excessive itching, cracking, flaking and stretch marks.



massage bar

Fun fact: You see those 3 holes and 1 little bump? That 1 bump symbolises the 1 in 4 babies that have an ‘outie’ belly button in stead of a ‘regular’ belly button. How cute is that?
This massage bar is 100% organic and mainly consists of cocoa butter and shea butter, mixed with essential- lavender and neroli oil. The bar starts melting as soon as you touch it and glide it over your skin. It has been my favourite product to use in my nighttime routine, mainly because a good massage along with the lavender oil made me sleep like a baby.
When you apply the bar at first, your skin will be pretty oily and shining, but key is to massage the oil in. This will leave you with a seriously hydrated and soft skin. Oh and the smell will make you really happy too.



bath bomb

Even people that barely know Lush, do know that Lush sells bath bombs. And the reason that these bath bombs are so well known is because they’re pretty amazing. Not all bath bombs suit all skin types though, but the Butterball bath bomb might be an exception. If you’re into really fragrant, colourful & glittery bath bombs and settle for no less (can’t blame you), this one might be a bit too simple/boring for you.
But this guy will be your best friend on days where you’re dealing with anxiety, an irritated or sensitive skin or just simply want to relax.
Usually pregnant women are advised against the use of taking baths with loads of fragrance and artificial additives, that’s why this bath bomb is perfect for all the preggo’s.
Butterball mainly consists of fair trade cocoa butter (hence its name) and Ylang Ylang-essential oils which will leave your skin really hydrated post-bath time. I loved using this bath bomb because I could just feel how hydrated the stretched skin on my belly was after bathing, which is quite an accomplishment during winter time.


King of Skin

body butter

While where on the topic of hydration, let’s talk about body butters, but King of Skin in particular. To be completely honest, I’ve only used a Lush body butter once in my life before receiving this product, and I wasn’t too excited about that one. Mainly because I had the impression that it didn’t do much for my skin, I still needed to use a lotion or oil after, so it didn’t make sense to me. So you can probably imagine that I wasn't too convinced when it comes to body butters, but I’m glad I gave it another shot.
You can use this body butter while you’re under the shower (but turn the shower off while you’re applying this product), which is pretty convenient if you’re always in a hurry like yours truly. You simply follow your usual shower-routine, but rub this guy all over your body and quickly rinse it off when you’re done. Now carefully dry off and you’re ready to go. Easy peasy.
This body butter consists of fair trade cocoa (surprise!) and shea butter, organic and fair trade bananas, oat milk, avocado, coconut-, jojoba-, lavender-, tangerine- and sandalwood oil. Phew, that was quite a list, but doesn’t this sound like hydration heaven?! Obviously this is nothing for you if your skin doesn’t need that extra hydration post-showering, but for all my dry-skin (and pregnant) girls: This one is for you.


Rosy Cheeks

fresh face mask

So, I am one of those weird people that has a love/hate-relationship with face masks. The skin on my face isn’t the easiest. I have sensitive combination-skin (more towards dry in the winter) and am often left with dry and pulling skin after some masks, or they simply break me out. And yes, even some fresh face masks from Lush.
But I’m always open to try new ones and have heard a lot of good things about Rosy Cheeks, so I decided to try it out. When I first heard the name of this mask, I thought it would be for people who suffer from red spots or rosacea, so I wasn’t super convinced.
After some research I learned that it does help a lot of people with redness (and leaves you with a matte face, eek), but that it’s also for people that like to enjoy a hydrating/relaxing face mask.
I slathered the mask on as directed, left it on for about 15 minutes and hesitantly rinsed it off - thankfully I was pleasantly surprised. It didn’t leave my skin really matte (thankfully), but I did notice that my skin was as soft as a baby’s but and felt really relaxed and hydrated. It didn’t leave any oil residue and rinsed off really easily, so I’m definitely happy with this mask. Because I don’t have the (good) habit of applying a mask every few days, the expiration date (1 month after opening) is a downer for me, but if you’re into masks you’ll finish this guy in a jiffy.
All in all: A great mask for anyone that’s looking for a softening and relaxing mask on a cozy night in. Oh and it smells amazing (really subtle)!


So there you go! The products that I highly recommend when your body is busy creating another human, or if you simply have to deal with dehydrated/dry/irritated skin; These will definitely be your best friends.
Hope you enjoyed this review and make sure to shoot me a comment, e-mail or Instagram DM if you have any other recommendations; I’ll never get enough of hydrating products. :)

xo, Celina

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