Le Labo - from obsession to review

Hot damn,

it has been a while! My last cosmetics post has been published in Spring this year. And a lot has happened since then. Believe me, I'll make up for this huge break in a following post regarding my life update. I decided to dedicate this first review since my break to a brand that I truly adore: Le Labo.

If you're an Instagram user - which you probably are, lets not beat around that bush - you've probably seen this brand around, or at least have heard about it through one your favourite bloggers.
At first sight I was attracted to this brand's aesthetics and their candles.
Yeah, candles. I have a true love for a good scented candle - not those synthetic strawberry-scented ones, but ones with deeper and complexer scents. Almost like a good perfume (more on that later), but for your house. 
But because of the price range of this brand, I decided to hold off my splurging-needs.. for a while.

As if it was meant to be, I was invited to an event a few weeks later. During this event, where LeLabo also was present, I received a beautiful range of mini-perfumes. Just so I can try out their range and see if there is a scent that speaks to me.
And you guessed it, a scent spoke to me. It spoke to me on a certain level. I cherished this tiny perfume sample for as long as I could, only spraying it on when I'm really feeling fancy. And now, it's done. No drops left. My heart hurts.
I'm talking about the Santal 33 scent.

Following up on the event and after showing my adoration (aka stalking and drooling their brand page for weeks) for this brand on their Instagram, I kindly got sent (I almost wrote scent, ha) a beautiful candle, body lotion and matching shower gel.
I almost cried upon receiving this package. I know, very extremely dramatic, but true. 

By now you're probably thinking: "Okay girl I get it, but where is this damn review?". Okay, here it goes.


Santal 26

the candle you never knew you needed.

Le Labo’s Santal 26 candle gives of a true aristocratic scent. And in case you're wondering, the number '26' stands for the amount of notes. Yeah, 26 different notes in 1 candle. Take that, regular synthetically scented candles.
Le Labo's Santal 26 is Santal 33's (the perfume) little sister. Even though it officially falls 7 notes short, it still smells exactly like the perfume. 
Now here's the hard part: The smell. Describing scents in words is a really hard text, especially when a scent is as complicated as Le Labo's. But what I mainly think of with this candle and perfume are the beach. Late, post campfire, beach walks. The reason behind this memory is probably because the obvious Sandalwood tones in there. 
I've heard that it also really smells like leather, but I'm probably way to swept away by the beach-vibes this scent gives me to even think of leather. It's a mainly fresh, but mysterious and deep scent, loved by both men and women. Also, it doesn't hurt that it makes my house smell like the hotels and gyms and I can't afford. And no surprise here that this candle is a home staple for many celebrities out there. Sold.
PS: These candles are soy wax based and they've used pure cotton wicks. They are hand-poured in Mississippi, highly concentrated in beautiful oils. The candle is (surprise) GMO-free, vegan and cruelty-free. Win.




Okay first of all - how cute is that name? But it wasn't just made up, if that's what you were wondering. Hinoki is an essential oil that comes from the Japanese cypress, Chamaecyparis obtusa, and is native to central Japan. Hinoki is considered a very high quality timber and one of the “Five Sacred Trees of Kiso.” It has been used historically in building palaces, temples, shrines and baths. Hinoki oil has a uniquely Japanese scent. The first thing I can think of when it comes to hinoki is a lemon-scented wood.

Back to the shower gel - this shower gel lathers up beautifully and feels really luxurious upon use. It's, once again, 100% vegan (and cruelty free) and made with sesame oil, rosemary and sunflower oil. The combination of ingredients will leave your skin feeling nourished and smelling like a Japanese goddess if you ask me. I've also noticed that there is a musk-tone in there as well, which (sadly) turned my boyfriend into a fan as well. So now I'll have share this shower gel. Sigh.



body lotion

Don't you just love it when you have a body lotion that matches your shower gel? I sure do. It's like wearing a matching lingerie-set: It simply makes you feel really grown-up, like you have your whole life together. 
When I noticed that this Hinoki twin has avocado oil in stead of sesame oil (like the shower gel), I was afraid it would smell differently and wouldn't completely match with the shower gel. 
But later I learned that they didn't only add avocado oil, but also sweet almond and coconut oil; all so nourishing to your dry skin. To be totally honest, I'm probably the Queen of dry skinned-people (I'm being dramatic again, I know), so I was also a bit shocked when I noticed how thin the consistency of this lotion was once it squirted out upon first use. 
But hey, I gave it a go, covered my whole body with this beautiful smelling (but thin) lotion. 
I'm glad to tell you: It hydrated my skin for a good 6 hours. No cracking, no sad white scaly skin, but still hydrated. And here comes the best part: People complimented me on how I smelled! Whenever I use this combo I always get complimented on (by complete strangers, mind you) that I smell so fresh and luxurious. Now that's what everyone wants to hear when they're strolling around the city.. right?

The final verdict.

As you may have noticed throughout this post, I'm pretty impressed by this brand. Not only because of their well thought through, complex and luxurious scents, but also because of their ethics and the fact that they're completely vegan and cruelty-free. 
But I'll be totally honest with you: This all does come with a price tag. With their perfumes starting at 100 euros and their shower gels and body lotions being probably double (or more) of the price you usually pay; you do get what you pay for. My skin loves Le Labo and I haven't come across one single candle that makes my house smell like theirs does. 
Because of this quality and uniqueness, I'll always choose to invest in their products whenever I have the budget to. And I'd highly recommend you indulge in at least one of their products too, just to get to know the brand (if you're completely new to Le Labo, they have amazing discovery sets with a wide range of scents). 

xo, Celina