Dermalogica Sound Sleep Cocoon review

If you've been following me for a while, you probably now that I love Dermalogica products for my facial skincare. I've been using their product for about 2 years now and always have this beautiful glow if I use their products consistently (which I almost never do, because I'm always testing out other brands too).

One thing I've always struggled with though, was finding a perfect night cream. All creams that I've tried these past 10 years are either too heavy or too light. They either break me out or dry me out. So frustrating!


So you can imagine that I was pretty sceptical about this night cream. All night creams promise you the world, but always fall short. 
I've tried this cream for 3 months now and am happy to be able to share my experience with you.

First of all: The consistency. It's not a heavy cream or toner-like. It has more of a gel-like texture, which scared me at first, mainly because I thought it would lack hydration.
Don't ask me how, but this gel kept my mixed skin subtle and soft throughout the night. My face actually felt refreshed when I woke up in the morning.

Second: The smell. It isn't free of perfume, but the scent is really, really subtle. It mostly reminds me of the skincare that you get after a good facial. Very spa-like. I can imagine that everybody would be fine with this scent because it's so subtle and refreshing.

Last but not least: Would I recommend this product?
I would advise you to save up some cash (because all of this goodness comes with a pricetag of 99 euros) and definitely splurge. Your skin will thank you.

xo, Celina

Celina CaprinoComment