Kai - Way more than a fragrance

I really had no idea what to expect of this brand; All I knew at this point was that I loved their minimalistic packaging (so clean, so fresh) and how this brand became what it is today.
The founder of Kai Fragrance created this beautiful scent because she was looking for something that agreed with her and took her back to her childhood memories in Hawaii.
As soon as people picked up on this brand and it's unique scent, they were hooked. So you know I had to try it. 


Perfume oil

my new go-to

I seriously never owned one single perfume oil in my life. Let alone a perfume oil with a roller ball. 
But oh man, am I happy that Kai opened up that world for me!
I noticed that the scent sticks around way longer than other regular alcohol-based perfumes; I even got compliments on the smell late in the afternoon one day (I apply this oil in the early morning after showering); which is pretty solid proof in my opinion. Oh, and because of it's cute little packaging, it's super easy to pop in your bag! Win win!


               Kai's Body Butter

                             Literally butter.. just look at it.


         Told you: Butter.

This cream reminds me of something a spa would sell.

Back in my early 20's (I'm 29 now FYI) I used to despise moisturising my body out of pure laziness. I even skipped it, even though I have an extremely dry (body)skin.
A few years later, when my skin literally started to crack because of the dryness, I decided to start applying oils. Such an easy (low effort) and cheap (I used almond oil) option. But even the oils couldn't keep me moisturised for longer than 6 hours.
Since 2 years or so I started to use Body Butters as a last resort. So you can imagine that I've seen quite some body butters come & go. Some butters leave this greasy layer on top of my skin and others seem to dry out my skin even more (that made me extra desperate). But this body butter did not disappoint me! It sinks right in and keeps my skin moisturised for 8-10 hours; FINALLY!
This butter also comes with an extra bonus: the scent lingers on the whole day. My partner literally compliments me every hour when I use this butter, haha. So needless to say: I'm more than happy with this moisturiser.

And last but definitely the most important: Kai is 100% cruelty free.

Kai is available on http://kaifragrance.com/ or by clicking on here:

If you're from Switzerland: Kai just launched in Spitzenhaus (http://instagram.com/spitzenhaus)! You can buy Kai on their website  http://www.spitzenhaus.com/de or by clicking on here: