Youth to the People - Green Smoothie 2.0

Some brands just have this aesthetic that speaks out to you; Youth to the People is one of those brands for me. Their packaging is a minimalist's dream (I'm not a minimalist in any way, but I do appreciate "clean" packaging design). And the quality of what's inside of their packaging does live up to my expectations. 'Cause at the end of the day, that's what really matters. Right?

The Cleanser
Lets start off with this cleanser. First of all, it's glass, which makes it feel pretty expensive/high quality. 
The cleanser itself isn't really a good makeup remover (it leaves me with black mascara stains), but I really like to use it under te shower in the morning to get red of the built up oil my skin produced during the night.
My face does feel pretty stripped if I don't moisturise right after, so I'd recommend this to oily-combination skin girls/boys, rather than dry skin peeps.
It smells really fresh but not too overwhelming and the pump makes it super easy to use under the shower, which made it my go-to morning cleanser.

The Spirulina Mask
Chances are you've probably seen this mask around online on Instagram and Facebook. And there's good reason for that. 
This mask goes on like an extremely thick cream and has next to no fragrance, but would smell rather fresh, if anything. I followed the instructions and applied a pretty thick layer of this stuff all over my face and left it on for about 20 minutes. It didn't really dry down like other clay masks do, but I'm not mad at that. Those dry clay masks tend to dry me out anyway.
I removed the mask under the shower by simply pouring water down my face; it was a dream to take off.
So usually I have either extremely dry or extremely moisturised (/greasy) skin after masks, but this mask left my skin just the right amount of hydrated! What a relief!
I didn't notice any difference after that first (and single) use, other than the hydration boost. Which I'm not mad at.
And the fact that this mask doesn't contain any weird ingredients that I can't pronounce, also helps. 

The Eye Cream
Ahhh,.. eye cream. The cream that I never thought I really needed (I'm still not 100% sure). I don't have any dryness around my eyes (thankfully) and am not really afraid to age, so I never understood this whole under-eye cream thing. 
So I decided to give this little guy a try and boy, I was pretty surprised. I noticed that I only need the tiniest bit; I place a few tiny dots under and around my eyes, massage it in, and voilá. 
I'm glad to announce that I did notice that my eyes felt really "refreshed" the whole day after using this cream, but I'll probably need to use it for longer periods of time to notice any other advances. 

First of all, the packaging is pretty enough for it to be a solid reason to purchase this brand. It looks amazing in your bathroom, even my partner complimented me on it, ha.
But all jokes aside, I LOVE how none of these products have any nasty/chemical ingredients and are practically fragrance-free; which I can tell my skin loves. 
So if you're looking to use less processed skincare and to pimp up your bathroom/shower, definitely look into Youth to the People

I'll definitely be trying more products of this amazing brand, I'm hooked.