Miakoda New York

I love me some loungewear. I mean, I seriously love loungewear. If I could, I would live in loungewear. 
Give me a jumper and a pair of soft joggers and I'm happy as can be.

As soon as I went on the lookout for soft and high quality ethical clothing, I stumbled upon Miakoda. I seriously didn't know where to look or what to do when I saw their jumpers, hoodies, joggers and underwear.. soft underwear? Uhm, YES!?
Because of the feminist in me, I'm also a sucker of women-owned brands, and Julia has done an amazing job on this brand. This vegan yogi knows what she's doing. They (Julia and Laura, co-owners) really noticeably invested time and knowledge when it comes to partners for their fabric sourcing.
Miakoda only uses 100% organic cotton, soy, bamboo and modal (which makes everything so soft and stretchy). All of their fabrics are GOTS certified (which is something to be on the lookout for when you're on the lookout for ethical clothing) and they make every single piece in New York; that way you can be 100% sure that their workers are paid well and obviously treated like they're supposed to.




This is how I want to walk around the house every single day if I could. I could literally (literally) live in their hoodie. Oversized hoodie goals.


This jumper. This jumper right here. Its fabric is already thinner because I washed it so many times already. Why did I wash it so many times you ask? Because I wear it as much as possible. As soon as it's clean, I pull it out of the closet again.
This fella is perfectly soft, has just the right amount of stretch and has those tad-oversized sleeves that I love. If I must recommend one piece from their entire collection, it would be this one.

I'm currently saving up to buy the rest of their collection because this sweater and hoodie definitely won't last me forever (although I'm secretly hoping they will).



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