Monkee Genes

Welcome to my very first fashion post!

I've really been exploring the world of ethical fashion lately and have been longing to finally dedicate a full category on my blog to this beautiful initiative.
Fashion has always been a part of me - I love how I can dress according to how I feel that day, or how I can follow certain trends and make them my own. How I can communicate to the world without the use of words - a way to express myself and 'brand' myself.
In order to meet my needs, I shopped at places like Zara, H&M, Topshop, you name it. But since turning vegan 3 years ago, I was curious to know how those clothes are made: Are they 100% vegan? Are they 100% cruelty free? And boy, I got some answers. But not the ones I was hoping for.
I learned that those cute pants and blazers from Zara were made by hurting hands, hands of all sizes. Mother's hands, elderly hands and even children's hands. These hands often didn't even get fed, they often didn't get more than 3 hours of sleep every night, and even worse: they often didn't get paid. 
I further educated myself regarding these issues and decided to watch the True Cost. I was shocked, to say the least.

Long story short, I decided to go ethical, fair, organic; whatever you want to call it. I already stopped buying wool and leather ages ago, so it's only fair for me to make the next step and go ethical.

I started doing my research and noticed one thing: Where are is all the denim?! I found tons of linen, tons of cotton, tons of beautiful fabrics. But no denim?
And there was Monkee Genes. This brand doesn't only carry really soft t-shirts and other pieces, but especially jeans in every shape and size.



As you can see, this is as skinny as they come. Made with a beautiful stretchy fabric and cut right at the ankle; which is super flattering for my body type.

I also copped 2 tshirts. The first being with a text that I can really appreciate.


this text is wat monkee genes stands for.
free of labour or pain.
all ethical, all organic.

the tags

monkeegenes wanted to make sure that you know what you bought just by looking at their tag. 
it's little things like that which I can truly appreciate.

can we have a moment here for the detail? their branding is even visible in the tiniest buttons on their shirts.

So as you can see, all in all an amazing brand. Their shirts are soft, well thought-through and their jeans fit beautifully and have a stretchy and comfortable fit.
Their prices don't hurt the bank either, so make sure to check them out if you happen to be looking for some fair denim. I know I'll be coming back to them for a long time coming.



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