Vegan crêpes



½ cup all purpose flour
½ cup plantbased milk
2 flax eggs
Pinch of salt
½ tsp cinnamon

Coconut oil
Maple syrup (optional)
Powdered sugar
Natural food colouring

Mix all ingredients (of the first list) by hand or with a hand mixer and leave to rest for about 15 minutes. 

Place your non-stick small to medium-sized round pan on medium heat and add desired amount of coconut oil (I use about 1 tsp).
Pour the batter onto your pan until about half of it is covered in batter, then spread the batter by tilting the pan in all directions until it’s fully covered (or look the method up on YouTube).
Wait for the pancake to dry up about 80% on top, then flip. Repeat this for every pancake. 

If desired, top with powdered sugar by mixing the sugar with a few drops of milk and natural food colouring.



Celina Caprino2 Comments