Easy vegan cinnamon rolls

Cinnamon rolls are one of those sweets that everybody loves, but at the same time everybody seems to be intimidated by; which I totally understand. All cinnamon rolls call for the use of yeast, which can be really tough to work with. I’m not a fan myself. I’m always scared of having to bin the dough and waste all of my precious ingredients and having wasted all of my precious time. BUT: I have a solution! These cinnamon rolls are beginner friendly and will give you delicious homemade rolls.
It all really comes down to your type of yeast though. I personally used instant yeast (comes in small packets) for this recipe that does not need to be dissolved in liquid, you can simply mix it through your flour. Also, key for this recipe is to weigh your ingredients. Some recipes can be measured by tablespoons and cups, but some recipes, like this one, calls for a more precise measurement, hence why we’ll weigh the ingredients this time around.
Here we go!


dough ingredients
430 gr. all-purpose white flour and a bit more for flouring your surface
1 packet instant dry yeast
80 gr. cane sugar
5. gr. sea salt
70 gr. vegan butter
125 ml. unsweetened plant based milk

filling ingredients
60 gr. melted vegan butter
140 gr. cane sugar
15 gr. cinnamon


  1. Start off by grabbing 1 bowl for your flour mix. Mix 370 gr. of flour, instant dry yeast and sea salt in this bowl.

  2. Melt 70 gr. of butter over low heat and remove from heat. Now add in your milk and 75 gr. of sugar and a pinch of salt. Make sure that the mixture is lukewarm.

  3. Pour the butter mixture over your flour mix and stir with a wooden utensil. Make sure to stop mixing when it’s all incorporated, probably after no more than 20 seconds.

  4. Flour the surface where you want to roll out your dough in a bit.

  5. Now add in the remaining 60 gr. of flour and continue mixing with your spoon for a short while. As soon as the dough gets too sticky to mix with the spoon, slightly grease your hands with a bit of (coconut or olive) oil and roughly knead until you have a nicely incorporated sticky dough. Now transfer your dough onto the floured surface.

  6. Knead the dough for a bit more, until it’s not so sticky (probably after about 4-5 minutes of kneading). You will be left with a smooth and stretchy dough. Don’t be afraid to re-flour the surface when you’re kneading so it doesn’t stick to the surface. I probably used about half a cup of flour. Shape the dough into a ball.

  7. Wash out your mixing bowl and thoroughly dry it. Now oil the boil by pouring a bit of oil (about 2-3 tbsps) into the bowl and spread the oil through the entire bowl with your hands (we’re really getting dirty here huh?). Place your dough ball inside the boil and flip it around a bit until it’s lightly coated in oil too.

  8. Now tightly cover your bowl with plastic wrap and place it in your oven with just the light on (so no heat). Let the dough rise for about 1 hour.

  9. In the meanwhile you can make your cinnamon sugar filling by mixing your 140 gr. of cane sugar and 15 gr. of cinnamon. Set aside.

  10. As soon as your dough has risen (it should be doubled in size), re-flour your surface and grab a rolling pin. Now transfer your fluffy dough ball onto the floured surface and and roll your dough into a large rectangle.

  11. Spread the 60 gr. of butter onto the dough (preferably with a pastry brush), make sure to cover the entire surface. Now cover (leaving out a bit of space around the edges) with the cinnamon/sugar mixture and a sprinkle of sea salt.

  12. Grab the dough at the short side of the rectangle and roll it up as tightly as possible, but be gently, don’t squeeze the dog with your hands. Now place your roll with the seam-side down and use a slightly wet knife to slice about 10 rolls.

  13. Now grease your oven tray with a bit of butter and place your rolls in there, a few inches apart from each other. Cover your tray tightly with plastic wrap and place in the oven with the light on so they can rise again for about 45 minutes.

  14. When the rolls have risen, remove them from the oven and preheat the oven to 180 degrees Celsius.

  15. When the oven is fully preheated, remove the plastic wrap and bake the rolls for about 25 minutes or until lightly golden. Allow them to cool for about 10 minutes after removing them from the oven.

  16. You can eat the warm rolls as is, or allow them to completely cool and frost them. You can make frosting by simply mixing powdered sugar with a few drops of plant based milk.

  17. Enjoy!

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