Indy's birth story

It has been a long time coming.. 9 months to be exact. Indy turned 9 months today #9monthsin9monthsout, so I thought it would be a perfect timing to finally share her birth story.
As some of you may know, I didn’t actually birth her (vaginally), but had to undergo a Caesarean section. Not 100% my choice, but mostly my body’s choice; my body made it all too clear that it wasn't planning on vaginally birthing my first born (Zinnia), which ended up in an emergency C-section back in 2012 (more about that in another post).

At first I (the first 3 quarters of my pregnancy) I was in the clear for a VBAC (Vaginal Birth After C-section), until they noticed how much she was growing and how chubby she was getting. Because of her size and my ‘birthing-history’, they advised me to undergo a C-section, for the sake of not only Indy’s healthy birth, but also for the sake of my health and life.
I was bummed for a good 24 hours after hearing that, but decided to make peace with it. After all, all I want is a healthy baby and a healthy body. Missing out on the experience of a vaginal birth was just a sacrifice for our lifelong happiness. All good.
We planned the c-section for the 2nd of January, 08:00AM (5 days before my due date). And were hoping she wouldn’t arrive earlier, which would probably end up in an emergency c-section anyway. But thankfully, she stayed put.


We checked in the hospital around 06:30AM and had to get settled in our room, where we unpacked my hospital bag.
A few minutes later I got hooked up to a machine that monitors my heart rate, Indy’s heart rate and my contractions, just in case those would suddenly show up.
Around 07:30AM they picked us up and transferred me to the waiting room, with hubby right by my side.
I made sure to take my earbuds with me because I needed to listen to Jack Johnson to keep my anxiety in check (that’s my little trick, I also use his music during flights, which is another huge anxiety trigger for me).
We waited… and waited. A few different nurses only came to check up on me and tell me that it won’t take too long now, but nothing happened.
Around 08:30AM we were told that there was an unexpected emergency case with children involved, so they had to reschedule my c-section to a few hours later, which is a totally legit reason to have your c-section rescheduled in my opinion.
So there I went, back upstairs to my room to wait it out.
About 1 hour later they picked me up again, and it was guaranteed to happen now.

We’re back in the waiting room and my boyfriend had to get dressed in his new scrubs, cap and mask. And then they picked us up. I saw the doors open and got a little blinded by the big white surgical lights, but remember them so well from my first time around.

The room was filled with people, the ‘head’ surgeon, the assistant surgeon, about 4 nurses and and anaesthesiologist. The surgeons and anaesthesiologist introduced themselves and the nurses kindly waved and said hi before they continued with their preparations. The anaesthesiologist was my BFF during this surgery. She explained every single step and made sure I was 100% relaxed and informed. She started off by telling me that we're starting off with the epidural, but that they’d numb my back with a smaller needle first.
I needed to sit upright and look down at my partner who’d sit somewhere in between my legs. I had to curve my back and focus on my hubs. I whispered under my breath that I’m so scared because the needle was humongous; I don’t remember all these details from my first emergency section. He kept repeating that I can do this, that I’ve been through way worse, that I won’t feel a thing,.. and there it went. I felt the needle puncture my skin, I felt it enter my spine, but it was almost painless. It mostly felt like an uncomfortable pressure.


They laid me back down. Now it was the surgeon’s turn to explain what I could expect from this surgery. He told me that it would take a few minutes before I can really feel the effects of the epidural and that there’s a chance that I could become a little nauseous, this would just mean that my body is reacting to the epidural and is overwhelmed, hence the nausea. If I reach a point of nausea, I had to make sure to tell the anaesthesiologist so she could give me a drug that would lessen the nausea. Okay perfect.

Because I was scared that the epidural wouldn’t work (this rarely/never happens, but hey, anxiety), I started wiggling my toes so the surgeons could see that it’s not working (lol). The surgeon noticed that and started talking to me about the weather and randomly, mid-conversation, asked me how I felt. I said I was okay, but wasn’t sure the epidural was working. He laughed and said that he doubted that, because his colleague already started. I literally laughed out loud and already loved this guy. I trust him.

I laid my head back down and noticed that my hubby was sitting on the left side of my head and the anaesthesiologist on my right side. I felt save. But also, nauseous. Very nauseous. I whispered to my hubby that I wasn't feeling well and he immediately told the anaesthesiologist that my body reacted to the epidural. She instantly said that I didn’t have to worry, she’d help me right away. She worked her magic with whatever she inserted in my tubes, and my nausea disappeared. Thank God.

After a while the surgeon warned me that I might feel a bit of pressure and pulling, because they were about to remove her from my womb, but she decided last minute to crawl up in a corner close to my ribs, which made their work a bit harder (she obviously had 0 plans of coming out anytime soon).
After that warning, I felt a huge pressure on my chest (which was my belly) and hard pulling. They pulled back and forth for what feels 10 minutes, which instantly gave me immense anxiety that I had to breath through. It felt like I wasn’t getting any air because of all the pressure, but could still feel the oxygen reaching my lungs, which is an insanely weird sensation.

All of a sudden they said that she was almost there, that they’d lower the curtain so I could see her.


And there she was. My big girl. My everything. The human that has been living inside of me for 9 full months. My chubs. My Indy.
I couldn’t stop crying. What an incredible feeling to finally see your baby after walking around with her for such a long time. What a miracle. We made this. I carried this. I created life. My body, with all its troubles, still decided to create a second human during its 31st year her on earth.


They took her a few meters further where they weighed and measured her, but I could still see her and my hubby was standing right next to her. She was perfect.
After weighing and her checkups, they laid her back on my chest while they stitched me up. I thanked everybody from the bottom of my heart before we left the room.

We now had to relax in the recovery room for about 30 minutes, where I tried to breastfeed her and she instantly latched. Win.

After 30 minutes we were back in our room. With a tiny baby. OMG. I was in heaven.


And that’s basically it, this is how I birthed my second child. I am thinking of writing another post about the recovery, because that has been a whole ride as well. Would you like to know more about that? Let me know!

Hope you enjoyed my story so far. I’m logging off to wipe away my tears now.


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