I'm back

Oh hey, remember me?

I was just to write my birth story blog post, until I looked up the last blog that I posted on here - it was a chocolate cookie recipe posted in October 2018. Now, exactly 1 year later (what are the odds?), I suddenly had this itch to start writing again.


Exactly 1 year ago, I was about 25 weeks pregnant with Indy and Zinnia was still her little 6-year-old self. I had no idea what to expect from this pregnancy, what to expect from this little female human growing inside of me and I had even less of an idea of how it would feel like to ba a mom of 2. I'm a freaking mom of 2. It still amazes me to even say (/write) that.

Besides having grown a new human, I’ve also been busy with my other job this past year. I’m very happy to announce that I’ve been offered a permanent contract and I honestly couldn’t be happier. Even though I only work part time (so I still have some time to dedicate to my kids and to CelinaLiya), I wouldn’t want it to be any other way.

Obviously a big part of this past year was just time to chill out because I was on maternity leave, but I feel like I’ve grown so much and am turning into a different human with different priorities.

I’ve always been really concerned about Instagram and the whole algorithm thing, about my engagement dropping and my page not growing, but I’m learning to let that all go. To see Instagram as a tool, not my main platform. My website is all mine and in my own control, so starting now, that’s what I’ll focus my energy on.

I can’t wait to get this new journey going with you and hope you will enjoy the ride as much as I will.

Glad to be back!

xo, Celina

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