3 day Juice Cleanse

Living only on juice for 3 straight days? Yeah, I never knew I could do it either. But I did. And boy, it was an experience to blog about.

I've been following an old friend of mine from Curacao for quite some time and I saw this business of hers grow insanely fast, so I had to take a look at what this company had to offer.
The company is called Sapje, which literally means Little Juice in Dutch. So I obviously knew she was selling juices, but there had to be something different about this place.
After taking a look at their website I stumbled upon their detox program; and I was instantly intrigued, to say the least.
Sapje offers 3-, 5- and 7 day long juice detoxes. They juice every single one of your juices, freeze them as soon as they're done and these juices stay frozen all the way to your front door (which results in the juices being just as nutritional as freshly pressed ones).
The more I read about these cleanses/detoxes, the more tempted I became to try it out. 

As you can probably guess, I'm not the healthiest vegan out there. I mean, I do eat tons of fruit and veggies, but I'm not the type to skip on my vegan donuts. But those donuts may be the very thing that could make the detox extra intense in my case; because maple syrup is still sugar. Lets get real. So yeah; probably a lot of detoxing to do.
But whatever! I'm doing it anyway! So I chose to start with the 3-day cleanse (5 or 7 days seemed way too hard for a detox-newbie like myself).

The ordering process was easy. Clicked on the 3 day program, ordered it, picked a delivery date and voila! The mailman knocked on my door a few days later with an extremely cold and heavy box. I opened the box and saw this:

Impressive right?
The thought of this being 3 days worth of "food" still seemed pretty scary to me though, haha.

Day 1:
I already knew that the mornings would be hard; I love my breakfast and morning coffee, but had to let that go for the coming 3 days. But on a more positive note, I absolutely loved the juice that I started with (according to the provided schedule). It was an amazing mix of lemon, ginger, kurkuma, black pepper and water; I could've seriously had 3 of those. 
The other juices that followed (which I could drink every HOUR, yeah!) were pretty nice too, just a little heavier on the veggies than I'm used to. But hey, I managed! 
That afternoon the cravings started; I needed something to chew on and felt pretty light headed; until I had the provided soup a few hours later. It was SO satisfying to have something warm and tasting really different than the juices. Bye cravings. Oh, and hello 100% bloat-free tummy.

Day 2:
Waking up pretty lightheaded, it was pretty impossible to do anything the whole day. I felt really numb and dizzy. I knew the second day could be the hardest, but I really didn't know it would be this hard. After doing some research online, this dizziness was probably a result of my chronic low blood pressure and iron deficiency, so the detox is not at fault thankfully.

Day 3:
For some reason I suddenly had a burst of energy! I woke up feeling refreshed and pretty skinny (I only lost 2-3 pounds at this point). I also noticed that the juices tasted SO different than they did 2 days earlier; way sweeter and more intense. So crazy!

This detox was pretty hard at first, but it was definitely something my body needed. I didn't even know I needed it, right up until I finished the detox. I felt SO refreshed and good, I  was wondering why I never tried this before. I'll definitely be doing this about 4 times a year from now on. So I guess Sapje can add me to their loyal customer list. 

I'm not a professional and do not recommend doing any sort of cleanse or detox before consulting with your doctor. 

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